Experts in Courtroom Persuasion and Jury Selections Models Since 1976

Vinson & Company is a jury and trial strategy research firm that corporations, law firms, and government entities retain when the stakes are high and the consequences of losing are unacceptable. We are experts at identifying and testing effective trial themes, predicting juror behavior, and assisting with visual presentation strategies for the courtroom.



Vinson & Company was founded on the talents of the most prominent name in the field of trial research – Dr. Donald E. Vinson. Dr. Vinson is credited with inventing modern jury research with his “shadow jury” concept developed for IBM in the mid-1970s. He is the country’s pre-eminent trial strategist in high profile and high-risk disputes. His philosophy, orientation, and personalized approach to trial research are reflected in every engagement undertaken by the firm.


Clients who retain us benefit from the most current thinking and the brightest, most innovative minds in the industry. Our professionals excel in their fields, are experts in understanding juror behavior, and have a track record of successfully helping clients create persuasive courtroom presentations. We have developed innovative approaches to analyze potential juror reactions to high-risk and complex cases, and our staff possesses the credentials, experience, and academic training necessary to assist clients in solving important litigation-related problems.



Here’s what our clients have to say about Vinson & Company

David Kotler
Partner, Dechert LLP

Vinson & Company is unparalleled in providing rigorous jury research analysis and fashioning that into practical insights and recommendations.

Steven Geise
Partner, Jones Day

I expect a jury research firm to provide well-reasoned, informed, and sound advice based on empirical data and extensive experience.  Vinson & Company does just that.

Terrence Sexton
Partner, Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.

I consider Vinson & Company an indispensable part of my trial teams, and so does my client. Their experience and depth give us an undeniable advantage in jury selection.