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Commercial Arbitration

Vinson & Company has developed a proprietary platform for delivering actionable insights to clients engaged in high risk, complex Commercial Arbitration Disputes. Utilizing behavioral data and sophisticated forecasting methods, our professionals work closely with counsel to help them make information-based decisions regarding their strategy and tactics as a dispute moves from the initial request for arbitration and response, to evidentiary submissions, to a final hearing.  Among other things, we assist counsel to identify: (1) the potential thoughts, feelings and perceptions a Tribunal may possess about the parties, (2) panel dynamics, (3) areas of vulnerability and opportunities for persuasion, and (4) an assessment of the impact of counsel’s submissions and presentations. For more than 40 years, leading law firms and major companies from around the world have benefitted from our innovative methodologies and extensive experience.

Utilizing our Panels, we will be able to provide clients with a Tribunal’s potential views of:

    • • The parties’ claims and responses
    • • The key issues, critical facts and governing law of the case
    • • The main witnesses or experts and their perceived credibility
    • • Specific documents, visuals and demonstratives

We will also be able to identify potential sources of confusion, concern, or misunderstanding and anticipate the arbitral panels’ information requirements – what they are likely to want, need or expect to see in order to reach the desired conclusion.

And a significant aspect of our research involves testing the likely success or failure of alternative presentation strategies with carefully designed simulated “mock” presentations utilizing one or more test arbitration panels tailored to the anticipated composition of the actual Tribunal.





We are not lawyers. Our firm is comprised of Psychologists, Sociologists, and Communication Science experts who provide counsel and their clients with insights into how decision-makers will behave.  We have more than 40 years of experience studying the process by which jurors, judges, and arbitration panel members make decisions and come to conclusions. Our findings and advice are based on scientific studies of how facts, testimony and presentation strategies will persuade or fail to persuade decision makers.



Clients have included major law firms in the United States, Europe, and Australia representing Individuals, Governments, and Companies such as IBM, Pfizer, Boston Scientific, Twentieth Century Fox, General Motors, Ford, ExxonMobil, Shell, American Airlines, W.R. Grace, General Electric, Dow Jones, Prudential, Lucent, Boeing, Mercedes-Benz, Lloyd’s of London, UBS, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Swiss Re, Morgan Stanley, Vivendi, and Starr International among many others.

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