Vinson & Company is a boutique firm that focuses exclusively on complex, high-risk, high-profile litigation. As such, we are compelled to look beyond traditional focus groups and mock trials to develop creative, imaginative and innovative ways of looking at litigation-related issues. And we employ an empirically rigorous approach to all of the research we undertake on our clients’ behalf.

  • Product Liability & Personal Injury
  • Antitrust Claims
  • Patents & Intellectual Property
  • Contract Disputes
  • Insurance Coverage Claims
  • Shareholder Derivative Action
  • Environmental Crimes & Issues
  • Mass Disaster Tort
  • White-Collar Crime
  • Employment & Labor Issues
  • Professional Liability
  • Directors’ & Officers’ Liability


Vinson & Company’s extensive experience in civil litigation, as well as its use of proprietary social science research methodologies developed over the past 35 years, set it apart from its competitors.

Examples of some unique jury research projects and tools we have designed and employed include:

Testing the impact of different trial structures
  • Single plaintiff cases vs. aggregated cases
  • Unitary trials v. bifurcated trials
  • Bench trials v. jury trials
Meta-analysis of prior jury research efforts
  • Conducted in MDL cases with joint defense groups
  • That tested different trial strategies and themes
  • Across disparate venues, timeframes and plaintiff groups
Voir Dire College training sessions to help counsel:
  • Identify indicators of bias
  • Develop cause challenges
  • Communicate case themes
  • Adapt to unique circumstances
Analysis of voir dire strategies on trial outcomes
  • To assess counsel’s accuracy in utilizing peremptory challenges
  • To evaluate verdict decisions of jurors likely to be seated after cause and peremptory challenges have been exercised
Mathematical models for evaluating prospective jurors
  • That takes into account critical variables associated with potential bias
  • Weights those variables according to their relative importance
  • Provides an objective measure of each prospective jurors’ potential for being predisposed to reach an adverse verdict
An online platform for efficiently and
  • Testing competing trial strategies
  • Evaluating case themes, witnesses and demonstrative exhibits
  • Providing counsel with a rapid case assessment at any stage of the litigation process


What our clients are saying about Vinson & Company

David Kotler
Partner, Dechert LLP

Vinson & Company is unparalleled in providing rigorous jury research analysis and fashioning that into practical insights and recommendations.

Steven Geise
Partner, Jones Day

I expect a jury research firm to provide well-reasoned, informed, and sound advice based on empirical data and extensive experience.  Vinson & Company does just that.

Terrence Sexton
Partner, Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.

I consider Vinson & Company an indispensable part of my trial teams, and so does my client. Their experience and depth give us an undeniable advantage in jury selection.